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Startup Challenge: How Might We Make Our Buildings More Sustainable By Automatically Monitoring And Managing Energy, Water, Waste Consumption?

The Real Estate Industry contributes to nearly 40% of the world’s energy consumption and 20% of carbon emissions. Standard Chartered Bank occupies more than 300 office buildings worldwide and has ambitious energy, water and waste reduction targets. Our efforts to reduce energy, water and waste consumptions are resource intensive and requires considerable human capital to translate consumption patterns into data insights.

We are looking for technology that:

  • Reads occupancy data, weather patterns in real time and adjusts consumption pattens.
  • Uses/integrates with existing diverse building management software
  • Provides data insights and intelligence into energy and water consumption pattern

Capabilities you are looking for 4-5 lines max

  • AI/ML enabled predictive demand management
  • Technical expertise on different building management software
  • Data Intelligence dashboards on consumption patterns
  • Automated reports to be used for ESG reporting


For more information, please click HERE.