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Public Sector Trial Scheme – ITF Projects (PSTS-ITF)

Public Sector Trial Scheme – ITF Projects (PSTS-ITF)

PSTS-ITF aims to provide funding support for production of prototypes/samples and/or conducting of trials in the public sector to facilitate and promote the realisation and commercialisation of research and development (R&D) results under ITF projects.

Key Features

  • Maximum Funding Support: 50% of the actual cost of the original R&D project (and up to 100% for projects initiated by R&D Centres).
  • Maximum Project Duration: 24 months.
  • Industry sponsorship: NOT mandatory.
  • Use of samples/prototypes and conducting of trials are confined to the public sector which includes Government bureaux and departments, public bodies, non-profit-making trade associations, charitable organisations, etc.
  • Trial projects should aim to facilitate the development of new products not already available in the market currently, and should employ the R&D results/deliverables of the completed ITF projects.

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