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2022 HKUST One Million Dollar International Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangzhou Region) is now open for applications!

2022 HKUST One Million Dollar International Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangzhou Region) consists of the First-round Project Selection, Semifinal Competition, Final Competition and Awards Ceremony. This year, the Guangzhou Region opens “International Talent Track” and “University Student Track” for the first time alongside with the Guangzhou Region Main Track to encourage more overseas start-up teams and university students to participate. Each participating team shall select one individual track to join for the first-round selection, and compete with teams from other tracks at the Semifinal phase for moving on to the Final Competition of Guangzhou Region.

Guangzhou Region (Main Track)

The Guangzhou Region (Main Track) welcomes participating team from any innovation fields or any country/region to sign up by filling the online registration form and submitting tech-driven business plan that demonstrates your commercialization strategy.

International Talent Track

The International Talent Track allows participating teams from HK, Macau, Taiwan or overseas countries (25% of team members or company shares must come from abroad) to sign up for competition by filling registration form and submitting business plan in Simplified Chinese or English language, or alternatively, submitting a 1-minute project introduction video as replacement to BP. The teams that emerged in Top 2 of this track will be promoted to Guangzhou Region Final Competition directly.

University Student Track

A team which is composed of Undergraduate / Master / PhD student(s) can sign up to the University Student Track by filling online registration form and submitting business plan or 1-minute project introduction video. The business plan generated by team who participates in entrepreneurship trainings hosted by Competition Committee shall be reviewed by panel from HKUST(GZ). And team with innovative business plan may have the opportunity to be recommended to join the “Red Bird Challenge Camp”.

Application deadline: 12 July 2022

For application, please visit HERE.

For more information, please contact:

Email:  Tel(WeChat): +86 132 2931 8293