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Asia Social Innovation Award

An image advertising the Asia Social Innovation Award
Asia Social Innovation Award

We believe that purpose-driven innovations can help us solve the most pressing urban social and environmental challenges of our time. Launched in 2008, Asia Social Innovation Award (ASIA) is the first regional social start-up competition promoting the culture of social innovation and exchange of ideas in the Asia Pacific region. Targeting pioneering ideas and early to growth stage social start ups, the award provides entrepreneurs with the support, exposure, network and resources to generate greater social impact.

The future begins now. New Urban, the ASIA 2020 theme, is a renewed approach and call for collective action to shape future living. We invite changemakers from across Asia to daringly reimagine and redefine urban thinking, lifestyles and ecosystems. Utilizing purpose-driven, people-centric innovations, we can transform current social and environmental challenges into a positive force for growth.


Break Grounds. Build Change. Birth Hope. Let us start building a New Urban by asking and reimagining what is possible:

Restore Ladders:
How do we define and ensure a decent quality of life in a ‘new urban’ world?

Rethink Learning:
How can we learn and practice how to be happy?

Global Citizenship:
How can we target local problems with a global perspective and cross-cultural partnerships?

Housing & Space:
How can we reimagine the way we co-live by connecting private and public spaces?

Health & Wellness:
How does the meaning of “wellness” differ between different age groups and across cultures?

Sustainable Living:
How can we motivate people to transform awareness into everyday action to promote sustainability?

Inclusive Society:
How do we facilitate conversation with a diverse community and ensure that all voices are heard?

Wisdom City:
How can we share knowledge within a community and nurture human values in an increasingly “smart” city?

Shape Culture:
What role does art and media play in daily life to foster creative expression and a sense of freedom?

14 selected finalists (Top 11 of early-growth stage startups from across Asia and Top 3 of idea stage innovations from Hong Kong) will have the opportunity to participate in a 4-day impact programme in Hong Kong (Feb 10-13, 2020), which includes holistic entrepreneurship development, mentorship, networking and a final pitch with cash prizes for entrepreneurs to create greater social impact together with a cross-sector community of changemakers.

Application deadline: 15 November 2019

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