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Finspire Hackathon

An image advertising Finspire Hackathon event
Finspire Hackathon

FINSPIRE Hackathon is the premier annual event of FINSPIRE where hustlers, hackers and hipsters from universities team up to ideate, design, build and pitch their Fintech-inspired innovations. Get ready for 48 hours of intense excitement and be Finspired by fellow university students, tech leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts!

Who is it for?

Local and overseas university students aspired to transform finance through technology.

We are especially looking for:
HUSTLERS: Growth hackers who specialize in business, marketing, strategy and operation.
HACKERS: Coders and engineers who turn ideas into tangible products.
HIPSTERS: Designers who optimize User Interface (UI) and User Experience. (UX)

Why should I join?

Win over HK$100,000 in cash & prizes

  • The champion team will win a HK$50,000 cash prize plus a 12-week mentorship.
  • 1st runner up and 2nd runner up will win cash prizes of HK$30,000 & HK$20,000.
  • Individual awards for the best Hustler, Hacker and Hipster.

Learn from the best

  • Panel discussions, workshops and mentoring sessions by 20+ tech leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  • The champion team will be offered a 12-week intensive Mentorship Programme.
  • Team members of the champion team will have the exclusive opportunity to learn from elite local or foreign Fintech experts through job shadowing.

Turn your ideas into reality

  • Outstanding contestants will be invited to join INNOHUB, an internal think tank for innovation at Convoy.
  • Amazing exposure and experience working alongside with senior executives, IT experts and marketing specialists to tackle the biggest challenges.

Workshops for you to learn and meet fellow hackers!
12 November 2019, Convoy Taikoo Shing

15-17 November 2019, Tencent WeStart

For more information, please visit