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Betatron Announces a Partnership with YPSN and Heron Advisory for Maritime Investments

Betatron has announced a partnership with YPSN and Heron Advisory to build one of the leading early-stage Venture Capital investment funds and accelerators in the maritime industry.

Startup companies focusing on the shipping and maritime industry will have access to YPSN’s strong network of 1,300+ members including leading maritime corporations, international organisations and industry CEOs. They will also benefit from the consulting expertise of Heron Advisory who work closely with corporates and governments across Asia and Europe to drive transformation in the maritime industry.

“I am very excited about this partnership which brings together three broad-based and complementary networks in the Venture Capital as well as Maritime industries for the benefit of our portfolio companies”, said Matthias Knobloch, Managing Director of Betatron.

“Leveraging over a decade of industry experience, our extensive network and Betatron’s expertise we can offer unparalleled support to the next generation of maritime startups”, said Tabitha Logan, Co-Founder of YPSN. YPSN’s other Co-Founder, Su Yin Anand added “the maritime industry is ripe for disruption and we aim to create the ideal vehicle for shaping the future of maritime”.

Ronny Waage, Founding Partner of Heron Advisory points out that: “Between Hong Kong and Singapore, we are in a perfect position to help startups grow in their target markets and raise Venture Capital. Seven out of ten of the world’s largest container ports are located in Hong Kong/Mainland China whilst the port of Singapore is the world’s top transhipment port and the second busiest port globally.”

Betatron will be investing up to US$500K into each startup and run a 4-months acceleration program which focuses on business growth and fundraising and concludes with a global investor roadshow in Silicon Valley, Singapore and Hong Kong. Applications are open and will close on April 15th. More details can be found here.