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InnoHK Clusters Being Developed by the Government

According to The 2020-21 Budget, the Government is developing two InnoHK research clusters at the Hong Kong Science Park (Science Park), one focusing on healthcare technologies and the other on artificial intelligence and robotics technologies.

InnoHK is a major initiative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to develop Hong Kong as the hub for global research collaboration. This involves the establishment of world-class research clusters at the Hong Kong Science Park with research laboratories set up by world renowned institutions and / or commercial entities to conduct collaborative researches.

Health@InnoHK and AIR@InnoHK will be the first two research clusters to be established progressively in the next few months.

Health@InnoHK will focus on all types of healthcare-related technologies, including for instance drug discovery, personalized medicine, molecular diagnostics, bioengineering, chemical biology, bioinformatics, vaccine development, medical instrumentation, alternative medicine etc.

AIR@InnoHK will focus on the development of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics technologies, as applied to areas like financial services, smart city and advanced manufacturing. Research focuses may cover big data analytics, machine learning, cognitive systems, intelligent agents, classification for diagnosis, medical robotics, mobile robots and assistive / service / construction robots etc.

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