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A powerful vision was essential for setting MAD Gaze’s AR smart glasses apart from the crowd

A powerful vision was essential for setting MAD Gaze’s AR smart glasses
apart from the crowd

Established in 2013, MAD Gaze is a world-leading mixed reality and AR glasses company with top-class technologies in AR algorithm, computer vision, optics and haptics.  With offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taiwan and Singapore, Founder and CEO Jordan Cheng leads his team of experts with over 10 years of experience in developing advanced software and hardware.  The company’s innovations have won them many awards. Most recently they were named Champion of the ‘Maker in China’ SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Contest 2021.

Training internal employees on AR technology was key to success  

MAD Gaze’s first product was launched at a time when AR wasn’t as popular as it is now.  Unlike gadgets such as mobile phones or laptops, the company had minimal references to learn from when developing their own AR smart glasses.  They had to remain steadfast to their unique idea and take the time to experiment with this new type of technology, bringing to life something that didn’t quite exist yet.

To achieve this, Cheng needed a team with a similar mind set and vision.  However, most talent in the Hong Kong market in 2013 were from mobile phone companies and couldn’t grasp the concept of AR, meaning that proper training was needed from more experienced team members.  Under the professional insight and leadership of MAD Gaze’s CTO and optical consultant, the team was able to develop their expertise, resulting in the launch of several AR smart glasses tailored for a variety of needs.

Hong Kong acts as the ideal testing ground for MAD Gaze

Unlike in 2013, Cheng believes that Hong Kong is now in a stronger position to further smart glasses software R&D.  In view of the expansion of 5G applications in Hong Kong over the next few years, MAD Gaze is ready to develop the local smart glasses market further and capitalise on the many opportunities the city has to offer.

When talking about the company’s success so far, MAD Gaze attributes much of it to the Cyberport Incubation Programme which helped connect them to clients and professionals willing to try out their products.  This allowed the company to re-evaluate their smart glasses through the eyes of customers and make improvements based on user testing and experience.

R&D collaboration opportunities in the GBA and plans for future expansion

MAD Gaze’s development has been accelerated in recent years through a new, hi‑tech industry chain in Shenzhen, comprised of over 10,000 enterprises engaged in electronic information, advanced manufacturing and automation.  This has provided the company with all‑round support for the research, development and production of its smart glasses.

The company also has plans to expand to Korea and Japan, with hopes this will offer further opportunities.

Advice for young startups

“Once you have your great idea, make sure you have a strong execution plan.  From there, look into strategic partners that can help you in marketing, sales, and funding areas.  Most importantly, if you have the dream – don’t give up!  Even if you have no money, no hiring talent, and are starting from scratch – do not give up in the face of difficulties and stay true to your ultimate vision.”

–  Jordan Cheng, Founder and CEO of MAD Gaze