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DXT Startup Challenge is open for applications

Here you thought it’s just a typical Startup Challenge? Not at all!

Be surprised because this is a program tailor-made for Design x Technology (DXT) startups! Through the Entrepreneur Mentorship Program, Pitching Contest, and Mission Tours, we intend to encourage local designers and tech startups to co-create ideas – realizing vivid imagination into a profitable business!

Application opens Now till 30 June!

Take a quick look at the requirements before applying !

Application Requirements:

>Registrants must be local designers, technology companies or design applying enterprises

>For applying individuals or companies, they must be permanent Hong Kong residents (i.e. holders of Hong Kong 3-star ID card); or locally registered design companies and (or) design-applying enterprises

>Priority will be accorded to successfully matched pairs from the DXT Matching Platform and referred by Hong Kong Designers Association and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

For more information, please click HERE.