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Art-Tech Paradigms of Practice and Pedagogy: from MIT to Hong Kong

29/09/2022 9:15am - 5:00pm

With heightened attention and the pouring of resources from public and private sectors into fostering the arts and technology in Hong Kong, time is ripe to plot the road map to become a cultural metropolis both regionally and internationally. This symposium gathers leading scholars and practitioners from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to respond to these key prompts:

1.What defines a meaningful engagement between art and technology?

2.How can we effectively nurture talent from education into production?

3.What are the key elements of an impactful art-tech ecology in research institutions and beyond?

For more information and to register, please visit HERE.



  • Z Innovation Lab
  • MIT HK Innovation Node
  • Our Hong Kong Foundation


  • Online Event
  • Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre