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Jetro Strengthens Startup Support In Hong Kong

Jetro and LimeHK logos

On August 9, JETRO established an “innovation hotspot” (IHS) in Hong Kong. IHS provides services such as briefing, individual mentoring, matching with local companies and venture capital.

JETRO will also be cooperating with local governmental innovation promotion organisations, accelerators, and venture capital, namely Hong Kong Science & Technology Park, LimeHK and Beyond Ventures, to support Japanese startups’ expansion into Hong Kong, fundraising and technical exchanges with startup companies in Hong Kong.

Whilst JETRO provides similar services in Shenzhen, IHS is set up in Hong Kong as they aim to establish a well-rounded support system for assisting Japanese startups in expanding their business over a wider area or building efficient business strategies, by utilizing the merits of Hong Kong and Shenzhen respectively.

Hong Kong possesses unique advantages in terms of professional services and financing and is known as one of the world’s leading international financial centres. The Hong Kong government is expanding the subsidy budget and is aggressively strengthening the support for innovation industry and startups, especially for biotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), smart cities, and fintech as priority areas. In addition to the many startup support organizations and accelerators, the world’s leading academic research institutions’ are located in Hong Kong and many international business matching events are held annually.

If you would like to know more information about JETRO and the services the IHS provides, please visit the JETRO website here: