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Open Innovation 4 Good

by Agorize Asia | 07 July 2020

About this Event

The most exciting week of the year in the innovation space is coming up: Startmeup HK Festival 2020!

In collaboration with StartmeupHK Festival 2020, join us on a virtual webinar to explore how innovation is shaping the future of tomorrow. From the first open innovation challenge in 1714 to today’s hackathons around Covid-19, this webinar will showcase how humankind has tackled some of its biggest challenges through open innovation. We will walk you through both local and global initiatives that illustrate the fact that the best ideas can truly come from anywhere.

Aurelie Wen is CEO APAC at Agorize. She’s fascinated by how crowds can foster innovation and solve problems. Her company connects big businesses with internal and external innovators through an online collaboration platform, engaging a community of 5 million employees, students, and startups in 185 countries. She is regularly invited to talk about entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion in tech, open innovation, and hackathons at conferences such as Elevate, French Founders Online Summit, Microsoft Ignite, Startupfest, HRTech Summit, and Startup Canada Awards.

  • Open innovation and sustainability have been converging rapidly over the past 3 years.
  • It is no longer about being the best in the world, but the best for the world.
  • You can have an impact today by participating in sustainability-focused challenges.