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HKT Startup Ecosystem

HKT Startup Ecosystem

HKT aims to empower and collaborate with startups to help them achieve success through a vibrant Startup Ecosystem that includes multiple HKT business units. Our aim is to leverage emerging technologies in order to better serve enterprises and the public sector as well as co-building a smarter city.

The HKT Startup Ecosystem offers a wide range of support including:

  • Solution for productization
  • All-round go-to-market strategy sharing
  • On-going marketing and sales support
  • Fostering innovation and collaboration with business matching and knowledge exchange with major incubators
  • Assisting with our best-in-class fixed and mobile networks, together with comprehensive 5G connectivity to help startups to commercialize their solutions for the market

We welcome startups to submit proposal and join our ecosystem. Our aim is to create a vibrant environment for startups to help them turn their ideas into commercial successes.

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