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The Economist – Technology for Change Week Asia

The UN defines poverty as a lack of access to sufficient food, education and energy. The covid-19 pandemic alone has plunged over 490 million people back into poverty, magnifying inequalities around the world.

How can Asia lead the world in harnessing the power of technology for change?

Join us at The Economist’s inaugural Technology for Change Week Asia, a free to attend online event bringing together 700+ leading policymakers, entrepreneurs and decision makers from major corporations, big tech, finance and NGOs. Together, we will explore the issues affecting over 5 billion citizens in Asia – the built environment, food security and access to education – and discuss how technology and data-driven solutions can ensure that no adult or child is left behind in an increasingly digital world.

Why Attend

  • Access 5 days of exclusive insights and unlimited networking for free!
  • Hear how forward-thinking organisations can extend covid adaptations to facilitate digitally inclusive societies
  • Learn the steps businesses should take to move beyond greenwashing to align purpose and profit, keeping them competitive in a world of mission-driven consumers and attracting top talent in an era of global upheaval
  • Join policy makers and regulators to discuss how they can foster social innovation. What are the current barriers and how can they be overcome?
  • Explore if infrastructure in today’s current cities can meet evolving needs. How do we continue to house and feed 5 billion+ people in a sustainable way?
  • Analyse how to mitigate the growing education divide between the connectivity haves and have nots
  • Take your place and network with 700+ policymakers, entrepreneurs and decision makers from major corporations, big tech, finance and NGOs
  • Visit our virtual exhibition, connecting you with the solutions providers your business needs.

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