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Healthtech is a major priority for Hong Kong, and received financial support worth USD 10 billion from the government last year. The Healthtech O2O summit hosted by Nexchange brought together policy-makers, healthcare industry giants and startups across sectors ranging from life science and medical devices to insurance and blockchain, to share insights and predictions related to the future of health.

Speakers included Dr. NT Cheung, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Hospital Authority who showcased how HA are leveraging innovative technology to engage with patients as, “patient engagement can do more for healthcare than any other invention”. Celina Chew, President, Bayer Greater China and Eugene Borukhovich, Global Head of Digital Health (G4A), Bayer spoke about Bayer’s work in digital therapeutics and how the company works with startups in its G4A programme, in what Ms. Chew described as “David and Goliath in warm embrace.” The day’s events included keynotes, panel discussions and pitches, covering innovations across public health, insurtech, robo-medicine and biotech, among others.