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As home to six unicorns, Hong Kong is an especially appropriate location for a conference showcasing the impact created by startups. At the Startup Impact Summit hosted by WHub, successful entrepreneurs, investors and industry veterans offered valuable advice on topics ranging from fundraising and upscaling to risk assessment and regulatory challenges. Their lectures, panel discussions and fireside chats covered sectors from cryptocurrency to sustainable investing, and everything in between.

Alongside the speaking programme, SIS19 incorporated a job fair where 40+ startups could scout for talent, a services marketplace, investment workshop and startup demos and pitches.

One of the star speakers was Jason Calacanis, serial entrepreneur, angel investor and founder of Angel University, who spoke on a range of topics, including how he picked startups to invest in. He underlined how important it is for entrepreneurs to be able to learn new things: “I like people with skills. The skill to have the ability to independently learn –and be motivated to learn –new skills.”