[On the Horizon] Series: Investing in Talent for Future Opportunities

23/07/2021 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Nurture today’s young talent for the future! Are you ready to seize the talent-driven opportunities in our upcoming “On the Horizon” webinar series?

With tech transformation rapidly accelerating, HKSTP supports talent’s pivotal role in shaping Hong Kong’s I&T development in the Greater Bay Area and global landscape. Wear your investor’s hat as we, along with innovators, are nurturing today’s talent for returns in the future! Listen to the insights on how these young talents are helping startups and businesses maximise returns, inspire through innovation, and ultimately, thrive on international stage. Join the webinar for actionable insights in attracting talents and take a leap to the future!

Format: Webinar
Medium: Cantonese

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  • 开始日期 23/07/2021 3:00pm

  • 结束日期 23/07/2021 4:00pm

  • 活动类型 网络研讨会


  • 香港科技园


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