2021 Eureka Nova Hackathon

The 2021 Eureka Nova Hackathon is the premier, private event where the most innovative minds of Hong Kong team up to ideate, design, build and pitch the future of retail residential and commercial offices. The sky’s the limit and potential winner’s solutions could be implemented at scale across New World Development properties – bringing innovation at a truly impressive scale.
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The 2021 Youth Summit Competition calls for innovative proposals for scalable enterprises that fuel a greener, more inclusive and resilient recovery. Established in 2013, the Youth Summit is an annual event hosted by the World Bank Group (WBG) to engage with youth globally on the most pressing topics facing our generation.
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HKSTP X Brinc to Launch the InnoExpress Programme – First Foodtech Cohort

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park has partnered with Brinc to launch the InnoExpress Programme designed to help startups and scaleups from around the world access the vast opportunity available in the GBA. InnoExpress is a comprehensive 10-day programme that provides tailored support and guidance on how to scale your business across the GBA and reach millions of new customers.
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Invitation for Expression of Interest for StartmeupHK Festival 2021 Event Sponsorship

InvestHK intends to sponsor event companies to create, curate and produce startup related events for the StartmeupHK Festival 2021, which will run from the 24-28 May 2021. It is now inviting qualified companies to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for StartmeupHK Festival 2021 Event Sponsorship. For more details please refer to the attached PDF. Deadline for EOI submission: 5pm HKT, 19 February 2021.
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ASTRI 香港应用科技研究院 Summer Internship Program 2021

应科院的 Internship Programme 开始了!实习生有机会被安排到创新科技部门工作,例如人工智能及大数据、通讯技术、网路安全、密码及可信技术、集成电路及系统、物联网感测技术,或公司策略、行政、人力资源、法律、公共事务、市埸推广等部门。
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Inno Impact青年創意實踐計劃

只有不斷創新,社會才會進步。 香港青年協會全新推出的「Inno Impact青年創意實踐計劃」,旨在鼓勵青年以各種方式關懷社會,運用創意和創新的方法協助解決社會難題,創造社會價值與影響力。 只要你準備好創變,不論是學生、在職青年、初創或社會企業家,均可申請和遞交計劃書。評審將參考「社會投資回報率」概
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