T-box Workshop on “Know-how on Doing Business in Mainland China – Labour Law, Personal Income Tax Law and Insurance” (Webinar)

27/01/2021 3:00pm - 4:30pm

COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt created a lot of impacts on the ecosystem of the business operations.  SMEs have made contingency arrangements for employees which may cause tension on the employment relationship.  In view of this, experts are invited to share information about (1) Mainland labour laws; (2) tax arrangements for Hong Kong residents developing in the Mainland; (3) how to make good use of China and Hong Kong Relevant insurance protects enterprises and employees; (4) labour dispute prevention and resolution methods, etc. The workshop will also share practical cases to help companies and individuals formulate more effective risk management systems.

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  • 開始日期 27/01/2021 3:00pm

  • 結束日期 27/01/2021 4:30pm

  • 活動類型 網絡研討會




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